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Share your experiences

picture: we want you - as an lyricist, editor, publisher, editor of fishing reports and similar focus of themes

Share your experiences with certain fishing areas. We collect these reports and will present them on this website after checking the data.

We would be interessed on storys with the following topics:

  • Your experience about guides and guiding
  • Your visits to trout lakes and commercial fishing lakes
  • Your reports about countries and continents (incl. Hotels, Surrounding, etc.)
  • Your storys on carp-fishing, catfish fishing, pike fishing, Bass Fishing and Zander fishing etc.
  • Your storys on saltwater fishing, deep-sea fishing, and Saltwater fly fishing
  • Your storys on Fishing methods and techniques.
  • Which device you were using and your experiences with it.
  • Other, related information about fishing and nature

You can send us written material. pictures, and/or your Youtube links

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link: your reports on world-fishing-guide.com
link: additional reports on world-fishing-guide.com

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