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Special Thanks !

We want to praise to follow helpers by this project:


logo © http://www.i-consol.de/
logo © www.i-consol.de


Without the good planing and management we have not this site.

very special Thanks to the team of www.i-consol.de !

we become help in follow ereas:

- SEO (search - optimizing)
- Management
- Administration
- Programming


logo © www.kennziffer.com
logo © www.kennziffer.com


The team help us to extended the search-engine to multilanguage functions - very special thanks !

picture to: ©Global Game Angler
logo © Global Game Angler

Global Game Angler

Many thanks !

at the initial support of the kind of fishes so we could be a good start to be created in the search engine.


picture to: ©The Fly Fishing Nation
picture © The Fly Fishing Nation

The Fly Fishing Nation

Many thanks !

for the highly professional pictures about fly fishing from around the world!

wallpaper © The Fly Fishing Nation

picture/logo zu ©www.in2code.de
picture/logo ©www.in2code.de

"powermail" and "wt_directory" by www.in2code.de

Many Thanks !

from this 2 Extensions for the Contentmanagement-System Typo3 

- "powermail" und "wt_directory" by www.in2code.de !

- "powermail" is important part of the request forms from world-fishing-guide.com, and also for any form later on this page

- "wt_directory" gives the address of each individual search result records from clever and read easily extend to other fields for the species etc.

So we can the competence of those developers highly recommend it!




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link: additional reports on world-fishing-guide.com

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