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An interview in the Travelling Fishermen on www.world-fishing-guide.com published

picture: © Travelling Fishermen - Sixth Edition
© Travelling Fishermen - Sixth Edition

Today our interview in the Travelling Fishermen's - Issue 6 published a magazine, which we like very well and reported worldwide.

It is informative, global, international and full of great informative reports "beyond Europe" - it feels like being on vacation - it's worth!





Here is the link to Travelling Fishermen - Issue 6

Here is the link to order from Travelling Fishermen


Planned relocation of our website

Picture from Mittwald Medien
Mittwald Medien for our systems

We have decided to switch to one of the best suppliers in terms of taking care of our website. The system builds on the whole construct, just need the best, because it is quite complex and a lot of offers.


Visualize progress

date: 10/12/13

Today, there have long been again a contribution. Many new fishing guides were recorded and also put online.

However, to clarify the relationship that we have more for you in store.

We came with the idea of ??the whole visual content on our website.

You see now the left edge 4 status messages, which should clarify the number:

  1. Available
    Fishing Guides: around 500
  2. fishing Guides
    in labor: less than 200 (for many processed)
  3. Available commercial fishing lakes: currently not online
  4. Commercial fishing lakes in work: currently not online

... The entire procedure dynamically from

The commercial fishing lakes have, we constructed as filterable search and is completely separate from the Guide Search


Look often times past - have fun!




date: 08/23/13

Copyrights have been applied to authenticate the genuineness and protect our idea and ideas:



The idea behind it

date: 10/01/12

Our idea was and is to provide a platform where interested anglers and travelers to rate their own guided fishing trip (usually with a guide) can choose and your choice according to the "Country", "Region", "saltwater fish", "freshwater fish species "make yourself.

Later the search filters are also the terms

"Fishing Method", "adventure", "camping", "kayak", "fishing lake" extended.

Here is the link to our search:



The page is divided roughly into a search field, top left and in a general information area.


The search and the results are only accessible via the search engine and have nothing in common with the general information. The chart is intended to illustrate that.


The general information will be continuously expanded and are in continental issues, country-related topics and even divided into region-related issues - and a separate area.



Image: Page layout and search by www.world-fishing-guide.com
Here is an orientation to our organization and layout of the page in search of www.world-fishing-guide.com


News on the development of world-fishing-guide.com


The page is online !

date: 11/30/12

After a long preparation time the page is now online!


4 new content areas arise

date: 08/01/12

It created four content areas on the right side, these are assignable per page, in 2 languages.

The individual zones, top links page ("remember") of earlier, omitted it.

4 new images content elements

Picture: content areas (Closed)
Content areas (Closed)
Picture: content area 1 - Gallery
Content area 1 - Gallery
Picture: content area 2 - "Save page"
Content area 2 - "Save page"
Picture: content areas 3 and 4 - Optional
Content areas 3 and 4 - Optional

Conversion of content - Extension of offer

date: 03/15/12

The programming drags on long, to the almost all content must be changed again.

The footer will be expanded for more service, Legal Notices, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and communications forms of all kinds are implemented.

The general range is extended.


Image galleries, videos, texts, Voice Changer ... Colors - Appearance

date: 01/15/12

There are several picture galleries selected, the internal media management is built and tested.

The site is optimized for modern browsers, it will continue programming.
Colors are tried.

Carried Changes - The internal steps take place the programming.

The language changer is reprogrammed again to ensure more transparency in the untranslated content.

Getting content first happiness?

date: 09/01/11

To test the search engine, you need the elements - and the best so that you can test properly.

Content should according to "Country", "Region", "freshwater fish", "saltwater fish" and its "Other / fishing methods" searchable.

Nothing true should be excluded in the search, so that the "Marlin is not swimming in lake trout" and the "roach not in North America in addition to the Canadian lake trout" appears.

The fact that the filter should also all work for English content and have nothing to do with the German content should be mentioned here.

Small candle on the "programming tunnel" ...

date: 07/13/11

A first version is internally online.

A first import with important data is managed!


A lot of technology

date: 04/09/11

There is a lot of technology to be used - a long list, the plan - hard work!

Restart - Back to the root

date: 12/15/10

An old friend gives me courage and finds the project well!

Without further ado, a synergy (working group) is formed.

The core of the problem was clear from the outset - the search engine.

To have to search on the search engine according to various criteria, let a good idea after another rise and discard them.

It is the current search engine, top right, as it is there to develop and to understand It has cost us a lot of time.

The project is Bigger than expected ...

date: 06/01/10

The project is greater than expected, the project is going to put back first, further study on web technologies should follow ...

Only the system is clear from the outset and in this respect there is no doubt.

The amount of data for the project requires such a work and planning that two years would be imminent work, too much at that time.


Start of the idea

date: 04/15/10

Initial plans on paper to the idea first sketches arise.


link: your reports on world-fishing-guide.com
link: additional reports on world-fishing-guide.com

Development and Planing